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Few days back i was just surfing through net, when I came up with a website in google results named “”. It was too hilarious to read that in one breath, but in actual it was ” who”. This is a social news website which presents you with news from entertainment industry and from athletics via their professional representatives. No body could ever think about that, guessing from that domain!!

Then i thought to search for really funny domain names in internet and i came up with many hilarious domains.

web of funny domain names

Everyone knows about Yahoo, Google, bing etc. But did you know there
is a domain named :
If you are lazy enough to read that number or thinking what it means, then let me tell you that it is the value of mathematical constant ‘PI’ . They have converted the value of famous mathematical constant into a domain name! However, there is more to have. If you go to their site, you
can find out the value of PI to the one millionth places after the decimal. There are not just useless sites with funny name, but many them are serious in nature. Like and
which with their funny domain name also try to teach dangers of
having sex early in life, to young kids. Very appreciable effort.

There are few domain names, which could force you to shy out while sharing them with others like

Master bait and tackle is a fishing equipments shop in Bonita beach, Florida. I don’t know how they share promote their website orally!!
Few other shining names in this category are ‘’ and The former one is a business site for custom pens. They design pens on order and sell them. Lattar one is a search website where you can search categories according to your interest.

If you think that’s funny, then you will be amused too see more hysterical results.

Unlike domains mentioned above this site changed its name after few months of publishing. And of course it should do. Now when you enter ‘’ you are re directed to ‘’ i know that feeling, i too read that domain twice before believing. It is some gadget site, related to business enterprises.

There is some ocaasion at your place and you want cars for rent, then, consider this site. Do read slowly.

Ck basically stands for cook islands, located near New Zealand. was the website i could not understand what exactly it was. Later by clicking on the link i found that its ‘old mans heaven’. That was typically a ‘LOL’ moment for me. It’s an service booking website for visitors planning to visit Hocking hills in Ohio, USA. There you can book your cabin at reasonable costs.

Internet is full with funny domain names, but as the saying goes ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, similarly don’t judge a website by its domain name.

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